America, the land of the chicken parm and the home of the best damn cookies I've ever eaten. I've had the pleasant experience of living in New York City for two whole weeks and I tell you, it's been a life changing experience. Mainly because I've gained about 4kgs but for other reasons too obviously.

I feel like I could say a million things about my time here, and likely ramble on for 5000 words and bore you all to tears. Nah, I'll make this post more concise and straight forward for you lovelies, I know what you really want to know. I got u.

Lets bullet point this shit.

  • I felt most at home in the burbs of Nolita and Soho. Beautiful hipsters everywhere and probably the best regions for close-ish to NZ quality coffee.

  • New York has SO MANY DOGS IN JACKETS. Granted, it is winter and snowing but it was insane and so many stores were stocking doggy outfits. If you started a dog jersey line here you'd make a killing in the cold months.

  • I went to Fashion Week for as you can read about here and here and it was surreal and humbling and I have never felt so uncool in my life.
    It's hard to feel confident when 6 foot amazon women in INSANE outfits are milling around beside you and you are 5 foot and have bad skin. But the show was amazing (thanks Karen) and I had a lot of fun photographing the show.

  • To be perfectly honest, I did not overly enjoy American food. Why is it so fucking hard to find any vegetables?! I FEEL LIKE IM TAKING CRAZY PILLS.
    I had a cold giant pretzel from a vendor, some pretty good pizza from Williamsburg, amazing General Tso's chicken from Chinatown, and the best Chicken Parm sandwich from the worlds tiniest diner.

  • Why is all American bread sweet? Idk. Odd.

  • The hustle and bustle of so many different people here is AMAZING. I have never felt more at ease or at home in a city. Everyone I met was incredibly friendly and polite and people watching here is just the greatest.
    I felt that watching people here allowed me to think more about my personal style and aesthetic because everyone here wears whatever the fuck they want, and no one seems to care. Isn't that refreshing?

  • We lived in Chinatown in an AirBNB and would HIGHLY recommend living in this area if you ever come here. Close to Subway lines, and close to excellent shopping on Broadway. Plus amazing Chinese food right by your door.
    But you will get woke up a million times a night by sirens, trucks and random Chinese men screaming obscenities. 

  • Times square is shitty, slightly better at night time.

  • I thought seeing a play on Broadway would be cheesy but it was so much fun and surprisingly enthralling. We saw 'Misery' with Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalfe and I resisted the urge to yell JOHN MCCLANE at Bruce.

  • I saw a Frida Kahlo painting in real life and cried in front of a MoMA attendant. No ragrets mate.

Phew. That felt like a lot of info and that was only a small portion. Shit. But I know what you all really want to see - is photos! Here are some of my favourites to sum up this round up. More to come in the next week or so. 


  1. New York sounds like a dream. It's one of my goals to spend some time there, I'll probably spend most of my time in art galleries and museums though.

  2. beautiful photos and a well-written post. don't stop being wonderful my pal xx


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